What is The Grand App ?

The grand app is an app for payment your rent. Direct online payment Via PayPal or Offline

How it Works ?

When the payment date arrives, User will get a message as a remainder. Then the user can do the payments online or offline

Why Choose The Grand App ?

For admin : Easy to Monitor all payment, property management, banner management. Send Notice, reply to complain, user activity management.

For user : Payment directly, Get the remainder for payment.Hassle free payment. Report complain.


THE GRAND App Features

Paypal integrated

Integrated paypal payments with card scanning feature

Regular Updates

Get regular Updates from app

Chat feature

Chat with admin. Complain about Problems.


Integrated admin pannel

Admin pannel integrated ready to use. Check user activity, manage property, banner, payments.

Offline Payments

Offline payments feature included.

Mail system integrated

Integrated mail feture. Send Notice, Payment day update

To get a demo please mail us at thecompanygrand@gmail.com

Apps Screenshots

screenshots mobile